Involvement, organizational discipline and problem solving

We use a systemic approach that combines the milestones of managerial culture with some new paradigms estabilished by the Lean-Thinking.



Baseline and Organizational Develpment

The Business strategy and expected results are normally the basis of a structured organizational intervention. Organizational development is a systemic approach that focuses on aligning and improving formal and informal organizational process, systems and corporate culture to effectively achieve Business goals, growth and change. We use the Star Model System. Thanks to its multifactorial nature it allows 360° evaluation. It goes through the vision and strategy, the analysis of the structure, of the processes and skills of the people who will have to support it and the related metrics.


Through the X-Matrix we are able to identify the Vital Few objectives of the long period and the short-term objectives that become the Annual Operating Plan with the performance indicators.

Hoshin Planning

Through the Hoshin Planning we determine the cascading of the objectives at level of functions, work groups, projects and activities.

Alignement of individual and team goals

In this phase we link the Company objectives to Individual and Team goals in term of expected results, putting it in relation to the performance recognition system and the talent development plan, with related creation of the Bench Strenght.

Tools for involvement and organizational discipline


Management Operating System

It is a standardized work system and control of the activities used to achieve the objectives of the organization. With it, it is possible to manage vertical and horizontal communication, the affectiveness of action plans, the activities faced by each single function.

Visual Management

Through Visual Management we implement interventions that allows all resources to have direct and timely knowledge of ongoing activities. It uses the model of standardized Tier Meetings and intervenes on operational progress through the visualization of activities and action plan on the operational place.


Continuous improvement is achieved through the introduction of techniques related to specific Kaizen events, but also, and above all, through the introduction of an operational Kaizen system on the operational place.


The Coaching is oriented to define the causes and the areas of intervention, to determine the awareness of the problem in the resources involved, identifying individual solutions and creating related actions. We also propose the structuring of Coaching System to be carried out through the activities of Gemba (Go&See).


Gemba is a Japanese word meaning “the real place”. Gemba, in a business environment, refers to a place where value is created. Gemba Walk means managing by walking observing and having a dialogue in the front lines. With Gemba Process we propose a system that identifies the managers of this activity and the ways in which it is performed and standardized.

Rapid Problem Solving

The Rapid Problem Solving Model is based on six-step approach. It consists in the identification of the problematic verified through the analysis of the Relevant Facts, the identification of the Process, the deepening of the Root Causes with the Team involved, the analysis of the “5 Whys”, the choice of the Solution and the subsequent Standardizations.

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