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Human Resources


Labor & Employee Relations

Assistance and guidance in the negotiation of Union contracts and in the management of Industrial Relations.
Assistance in restructuring activities.
Support in the interpretation of climate surveys and in the creation and execution of the activities and projects arising from it.


Assistance in identifying and implementing a staffing system aimed at maximizing efficency and productivity.


Assistance in the search and selection of resources aimed at the decrease of the Time to Fill (time of acquisition of the resource) and the identification of candidates immediately suitable with the functions sought.

On-Boarding & Mentoring

The orientation of the new resources starts from the idea that the On-Boarding is all the more effective the more it is supported by an intense, multidisciplinary and structured process “from the first day”. It is articulated through the knowledge of company values, of the Business objectives, of the functional ones and is powered by robust mentorship and Gemba activity. For the new Leaders it is planned the structuring of affiliation session with their Team.

Consultancy for Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

Assistance in acquisition activities for all contractual, managment and union aspects relating to the area of Human Resources. Assistance in transition and integration processes.

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